We call ourselves “Christians,” but millions of us have no idea what it actually means to be God’s people. We think we can be “good Christians,” live like the “nice people” around us, and still be welcomed into Heaven when this life is over.

It’s a lie. God put a serious condition on his promise of salvation, and most church leaders either won’t — or can’t — tell you what’s really involved in “being saved.”

The growing list of short posts below aren’t in any particular order. They’re like puzzle pieces dumped out of the box onto the table. Our hope is that you will begin putting the pieces together — and realize that the personal cost of salvation is as high as the price Jesus paid to set you free.

Casual Christianity is worse than no Christianity at all. Jesus requires his disciples to follow him all the way up the steep, difficult path — to make God’s kingdom and his justice our top priority in daily life.