Ready for a 25th Amendment coup?

What are the odds that unneeded troops are being kept in DC because a 25th Amendment coup is about to be executed and massive public protests are (rightly) expected?

The Party anointed a presidential candidate who was electable but clearly would not be able to fulfill the duties of the office for long. They brought aboard a running mate who was too Far Left to be electable but able to deliver large sacks of cash for the campaign.

The President proves his unfitness very quickly (this week he forgot both the name of his Defense Secretary and the Pentagon) and the Cabinet has little choice but to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Suddenly you have a Harris/Pelosi administration that will surely inspire widespread public protest — and raise the prospect of declaring a national state of emergency.

Anyone looked at the President’s emergency powers lately?

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If I were advancing a Progressive revolution …

I might (hypothetically):

  • leverage Trump’s big mouth against him
  • conduct unrelenting media campaign to paint him as racist and irrational
  • scale proven tactics of machine politics nationwide through Dem dominated election staff
  • establish voting methods easily susceptible to fraud
  • create fraudulent ballots in large numbers for crucial precincts
  • pressure courts to ignore violations of state law
  • select “electable” Joe Biden to serve as figurehead candidate
  • select running mate committed to radical agenda who can raise vast sums of money
  • keep senile Biden under wraps and spend money on key congressional races
  • count on Trump’s ego to refuse to accept election results
  • count on Trump’s ego to rally partisans, including “deplorables” willing to “fight”
  • secure National Mall with fencing and troops against non-existent threats to inauguration
  • keep adequate security measures in place while Biden dismantles Trump EOs
  • at appropriate time, invoke 25th Amendment and install Kamala Harris as President
  • eliminate filibuster in Senate so Dems can pass legislation at will
  • as protests mount, declare national emergency and martial law, suspend constitution, Supreme Court, and Congress (pending new “elections” and appointments)
  • expand Covid restrictions to increase unemployment and drive more people onto welfare rolls
  • open borders to flood of immigrants (who will credit Dems for their entry to US)
  • declare amnesty for illegal immigrants (who also will credit Dems)
  • open welfare entitlements to former illegals
  • issue national ID that will allow former illegals to vote
  • give DC and territories status as states and increase Dem House representation
    (these last five steps will both greatly enlarge Dem voter base and increase Dem House representation, should ensure Dems never lose another national “election”)
  • dramatically raise federal taxes on fossil fuels
  • enforce “green energy” transition to eliminate fossil fuel industry
  • guarantee success of new “green” technologies
    (in which progressive elites already are heavily invested)
  • diminish US as global power and allow China to extend dominance
    (promote Chinese “state capitalism” and “social credit system” as models to imitate)
  • nationalize means of production
  • establish national sovereignty over bank deposits
  • raise tax rates on productive citizens to fund “equity” programs
  • reward supporters, punish dissidents through “entitlement” programs
  • mandate psychological treatment for “racist” and “homophobic” dissidents
  • establish employment regulations to push “racist” and “homophobic” dissidents out of workforce
  • mandate high federal tax on private weapons and ammunition
  • mandate high federal property tax and seize properties of “wealthy” unwilling to pay
  • establish “income equity” level: subsidize those below, tax down those above

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