Readers will note this merely uses a Bible publishing page format. It is not an actual book of the Bible.

1 This is a letter from Lo-ammi, a son of the Prostitute and the prophet Hosea. The Lord commanded my father and mother to marry as an illustration that the Lord’s people had acted like prostitutes in turning their backs on him to worship and serve other gods.

2 The Lord also commanded my father to name me ‘Lo-ammi,’ which means “Not my people,” as a declaration that the children of Abraham — once chosen by God to be a light to the nations — were no longer his people and that he no longer was their God. [Hosea 1:1-9]

3 I am writing to the Christians of the West, who claim to be the people of God, yet live no differently than the pagans among whom they dwell.

4 I am writing to remind you of what was written to Israel by my father and the other prophets of old, so you can see it remains true for you who now call yourself “Christians” and claim to be followers of the resurrected Son of God.

5 You think yourselves saved by Jesus, yet your hearts belong to the god of this world and your lives prove you are walking the broad road to destruction, not climbing the narrow path to salvation.

6 I write to warn you that the judgment of our holy God already is upon you, but that time still remains for you to repent, to turn from your wickedness and choose to walk in God’s holy ways.

7 I write to offer you hope that, if you repent and take up the disciple’s cross, God may yet have mercy and open for you the door to his Kingdom.

8 I write in desperation, praying that your apostasy is not yet complete and that the Merciful One may grant you the opportunity to return to your mission: living as light among people trapped in darkness, so they may be freed of their captivity and come to worship the One True God, who alone is worthy of adoration, love, and obedience; who one day will judge this corrupt world with fiery destruction; who will write his law on the hearts of his people; and who will give them a New Jerusalem where he himself will live among them and they will, as he always intended, abide forever in complete peace, harmony, and justice.

9 I write from the fervent conviction that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I write with the deep desire of one day seeing a vast crowd from every nation and tribe and people and language standing before God’s throne.

10 I write in the confident expectation that, as the Faithful One has promised, the time will come when the people who were told, “You are not my people,” will hear the joy-filled declaration, “You are children of the living God!” [Hosea 1:10]

11 May those who can yet hear his voice, turn to walk in his ways and be saved from the wrath that is quickly coming. May the remnant of God’s people, who have not yet bowed the knee to Ba’al, rise up to make disciples who love God with every fiber of their being, love their neighbor the way they love themselves, and make the Kingdom of God the top priority of their daily lives.