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‘Christians’ – but not God’s people

This hard-hitting new book tackles the perennially vexing question of why most Christians do little or nothing to advance Christ’s mission and the work of the church. In the process, it also uncovers a primary reason so many people are turning away from the traditional organized church.
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Viewing Scripture through the lens of Kingdom justice will help you see the bigger truth about redemption, salvation, discipleship, and God’s mission to transform all his creation.
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A clearinghouse of resources and information on engaging justice issues in your community and seeing God’s kingdom justice multiply from heart to heart and block to block.
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The “big picture” of Scripture is that God’s mission in the world is to bring his creation full circle, back to the peace and harmony he originally created. It’s the only true revolution the world ever has and ever will know — and you have a part to play in it!
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The end of Christian apologetics: Why the truth of Christianity must not be “taken on faith” and why Christianity is the only hope for just, free society.
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The eternal security of the believer is rock-solid Bible truth and the doctrine of apostasy does not contradict it. Here’s how both of them can be true.
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