Crowley’s Ridge: A memoir and confessional

This weekend, I started writing a memoir of my 10 years in Arkansas, 1983-1994. It was a time of tremendous upheaval in Southern Baptist life, in my family, and in our church in Little Rock. More than wanting to tell stories, I want to understand what God was doing and what I need to learn from all that happened. The Lord speaks to my heart as I write, so I’m going to write about it.

Over the years, a person can accumulate quite a few stories. This “memoir and confessional” will focus on my wonderful and painfully educational experience in Arkansas. Some people may be interested in reading the stories — and a few will be angry I am telling them. While some of the anecdotes will be interesting, I hope bits of this will be enlightening as well. I expect the writing of it will be a time of revelation for me.

I won’t include many names, but I will need to lay out some unpleasant moments. I will always be truthful, to the very best of my recollection and my records. I may need to be corrected at points, and I am glad to receive correction. I don’t have a timeline for writing; I’ll post chapters as they come to me. I won’t post notices here every time I add a chapter, but the site will offer you several ways to keep up with developments. There will be an audio version of each post, for those who would rather listen than read.

The “About” and Chapter 1 are online at


About Mark Kelly

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