‘Gun control,’ watch lists, and convictions about sexuality

If it is considered hatred to believe homosexuality is not God’s design for human intimacy, if Focus on the Family and Chick-Fil-A are mentioned in the same breath with ISIS, Nazis, and the Klan, what barriers do you suppose there are to peaceful Christians being added to a terror watch list?

When there’s no due process before being added to a watch list, and no recourse once you’re on it, doesn’t this seem like a big deal to you?

A “gun control” bill related to terror watch lists has bipartisan support and is likely to pass in the next session of Congress. Both of the major presidential candidates would sign it. The Supreme Court vacancy is almost guaranteed to be filled by someone who supports it as well.

All this in a context where influential people are saying the Second Amendment is outdated, is it just me, or should people be concerned?


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One Response to ‘Gun control,’ watch lists, and convictions about sexuality

  1. Ike12Stones says:

    Yes, certain individuals within atheist circles have been comparing Christians to radical Islam for years.

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