We need a better way

We need a better way to share the Gospel.

We need a better way to explain salvation.

We need a better way to integrate discipleship and mission into the decision to follow Jesus.

For too long, conservative evangelicals have failed to lead many new believers into costly discipleship and lifestyle missions. We have talked about salvation merely in spiritual terms. We have presented the Gospel only in terms of sin’s consequences in eternity and how to avoid hell.

We find ourselves with too many complacent church members who are more interested in the culture than the Kingdom. We find it difficult to talk about sin and hell with lost souls who no longer believe either is real.

There is a better way.

While many lost people dismiss talk of sin and hell, no one argues about the brokenness of our world. And church members content with their “fire insurance” may finally understand the urgency of discipleship when they catch God’s vision of captives set free and broken lives restored today.

You grew weary of making the “if you died tonight” sales pitch. People laughed when you tried to give them an evangelistic tract. Or maybe you never tried any of it because something just seemed off about it.

If there was a better way to share the Gospel, a better way to explain salvation, a better way to lead believers into discipleship and mission, would you be interested?

If so, e-mail us at mj@multiplyjustice.net.

About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle/grandfather, hiker, writer/editor, snapshooter
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