After marriage, the LGBT fight won’t be over


“We can pass all of the laws we want and talk about public policy until we run out of air, but until our society stops thinking of queer people as deviant or corrupt or sinful or in any way less than non-queer people, nothing is going to change,” said Noah Michelson, editorial director of The Huffington Post Voices and founding editor of HuffPost Gay Voices.

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For my part, I’d say nothing is going to change until our society realizes all people are deviant, corrupt, and sinful. What we are isn’t even close to what God had in mind for us when he created us.

We all are broken. We all want others to tell us, “I’m OK; you’re OK.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. We all struggle with dysfunction of one kind or another. Calling it normal doesn’t change the fact that we are broken.

If you love me, you can’t pretend my brokenness is wholeness. If I love you, I’ve got to tell you that Jesus will take your brokenness and give you freedom, healing, new life, and transformation instead.

Treating a person as less than yourself is evil. But the answer isn’t to pretend we are all fine the way we are. The answer is for us to admit our brokenness, link arms, and seek healing together.


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