An Avenger named Vision

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Paul Asay’s review at Patheos captures a lot of what struck me about Age of Ultron, so I’ll post that link below and you can click to read it.

For my part, I think it’s good the movie is drawing so many people to theaters. Our world needs more people who understand what’s good, what’s evil, and what’s at stake, people who are willing to lay down their lives to save lives.

Absorb the thought of an Avenger named Vision (without which the people perish) who identifies himself as “I am.” Understand that there is nowhere to run from evil, that you cannot hide in terror, that you have to step outside and take your stand. There is a hero in you, and we’re going to need as many heroes as we can get, given what’s ahead.

Paul Asay: Age of Ultron May Be the Most Spiritual Superhero Movie Yet


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