The sign of a virgin with child

At this time of year, we love to meditate on Isaiah 7:13 — “Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel — ‘God is with us.'” (NLT)

Do you also ponder the previous verse?

“Then Isaiah said, ‘Listen well, you royal family of David! You aren’t satisfied to exhaust my patience. You exhaust the patience of God as well!'”

The kings of Aram and Israel had allied themselves and attacked Jerusalem. King Ahaz was distraught with worry. Even when God sent his prophet to encourage the king, he still continued to worry. So the Lord himself told Ahaz to ask for a sign proving the trustworthiness of God’s promise — and Ahaz refused!

So God chose the sign Ahaz would get — and made him a better promise: Not only would a virgin conceive, but the Almighty himself would come among his people in the person of Messiah Immanuel! Could there be any better proof of God’s power, love, and faithfulness toward his people?

So why do you exhaust the patience of God by worrying about your circumstances instead of focusing yourself wholeheartedly on the mission of lighting up our darkened world? God is with us!



About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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