Five reasons to be confident about your salvation

If you keep following Jesus’ Way, you will reach your destination — the full, free, and forever life. 2 Thessalonians 3:3-5 gives five reasons you can be completely confident of that: (1) the Lord can be trusted to keep his promise, (2) God is the one who makes you strong, (3) God himself protects you from the evil one, (4) God’s love for you is deeper than you understand, (5) the ability to endure is supplied by Christ himself.

But don’t miss the other crucial truth here. Those amazing promises bookend an emphasis on always practicing the commands we have been given. God’s promises are for his people, and his people are the ones who walk in his ways.

The passage is my prayer for you today: “But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you from the evil one. And we are confident in the Lord that you are practicing the things we commanded you, and that you always will. May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and the endurance that comes from Christ.”  (NLT’96)


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One Response to Five reasons to be confident about your salvation

  1. bwdell says:

    Good points about God’s faithfulness and our obedience.

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