Live for what is right, in a world where everything is wrong

We are all so badly broken. The natural state of each person is brokenness. Our lost world denies it. We want to believe that our brokenness is wholeness. But the truth is I’m not OK, and you’re not OK. We are a mess, and we live in a world that has been messed up almost from the beginning. We just can’t bring ourselves to give our Creator the respect he is due, choosing his ways over our own selfish desires. The Bible tells our story every time it talks about a blind beggar or a woman with a persistent hemorrhage, a lame man who can’t get into the healing water by himself or a woman caught in the act of adultery. All of us are broken.

The good news is that we don’t have to live broken! All the sin that has made us — and keeps us — broken has been carried away by Jesus. 1 Peter 2:24 says “He personally carried away our sins in his own body on the cross so we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. You have been healed by his wounds!” (NLT’96)

How sad a crippled soul thinks his brokenness is normal, unaware that healing possible. How much more sad that someone who has been healed would choose to keep limping. How can the crippled soul realize there is an uncrippled way to live, if we who have met the Healer don’t live out the healing he has given us?

Jesus gave you the opportunity to walk free so a world filled with crippled souls could see God didn’t create us to be cripples. We have the amazing privilege of shaking off our brokenness and living for what is right, in a world where everything is wrong.



About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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