Amos: No word candy for earnest worshipers

Amos 5 offers no word candy to the earnest people who sing worship songs and make the required sacrifices, because good people are being oppressed and the poor deprived of justice.  The day of the LORD, so eagerly awaited, will only bring darkness and disaster.  The entire nation will be devoured when the LORD roars through Israel like a fire.  Those left will waste away in exile.

Yet there is hope.  The LORD God Almighty may yet have mercy on his people, if they love what is good and run from evil.  Establish God’s true justice in the land — a river of righteous living that will never run dry.  Perhaps the LORD who turns darkness into morning will have mercy and allow you to live.

Earnest religion is not the same thing as true religion.


About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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