Worried about declining baptisms? Try this!

baptismDo you wonder what your church can do about declining baptisms and attendance? Perhaps what you need is not more earnest religion, but true religion.

Isaiah’s Israelites worshiped sincerely, yet God rejected their worship because, in the midst of all their pious religious activity, they were living for themselves. Workers were oppressed. The weak were wrongly imprisoned. People were hungry and inadequately clothed. The poor wandered homeless. God expected his people to yield a crop of justice, but instead he heard cries of oppression.

In judgment, God raised up the Babylonians to lay waste to Jerusalem and drag the people to captivity in Babylon. The Land of Promise was left desolate, and a generation that cared nothing about the poor and oppressed died in a foreign land.

That did not have to happen. Through Isaiah, God had told the people: “I am ready to establish justice, not in the distant future, but right now! I am ready to save Jerusalem and give my glory to Israel.” (46:13)

Perhaps what we need in our churches is not more earnest religion, but obedience to God’s command that we love our neighbors the way we love ourselves. How about a LoveLoud revival?


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One Response to Worried about declining baptisms? Try this!

  1. Reblogged this on Missio Links and commented:
    True revival first addresses the inward curvature of our hearts towards self that only serves to smother the love of God and others…it makes Rich Young Rulers and short Tax Collectors do what is necessary to follow Christ.

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