Where was God in that storm?

Plaza Towers ElementaryA year ago, a nation grieved with the families whose children were killed by the monster tornado that ravaged Moore, Oklahoma – and we rejoiced with the ones whose kids were spared.

Last night, I got to listen as those families explained how God carried them through the aftermath of that storm.

There wasn’t a dry eye in my house.

Someone who has suffered horribly knows how easily anger rises against God, for allowing evil to overtake us. Some never get free of that anger and their lives are crippled. When we see innocents suffer – like the seven 8- and 9-year-olds killed by the storm that awful day– all of us cry out, “Why, God?”

You need to see “Where Was God?” It’s a new documentary movie premiering Friday, May 16, at the Warren Theatre in Moore, and is available now for screenings throughout the country via the movie’s website, www.wherewasgod.com.

This film is unlike any documentary I have ever seen. Instead of a narrator, “Where Was God?” uses only the words of survivors, parents, children, first responders and volunteers to tell the story. Your heart soars with a mother as she talks about seeing her son walk out of the rubble at Plaza Towers Elementary School. You want to hug the father who watched as the body of his only son – a miracle baby for him and his wife – was pulled from the debris.

And you watch as God takes the pieces of their shattered lives and begins building something new and beautiful – a memorial to lives lost, a beacon of the peace and hope only God can create out of horrible loss.

Ivory-tower types can lecture endlessly on why God allows suffering and evil in the world. Nothing is more powerful and life-changing, however, than listening as suffering people open their hearts to you about how they were reborn through the storm.

If your community is struggling to recover from a trauma – a storm, a shooting, a horrible accident – you need to see this movie. If your congregation ministers to families enduring trials, you need to see this movie. If you know someone who struggles with the “Why, God? question, you need to see this movie.

The devastation in Moore that day was more than eight times what a Hiroshima bomb would have caused. Reliving those days with the families is painful. The film will not be appropriate for everyone.

But it could be a life changer – a life saver – for thousands who need to find hope.

Learn more about “Where Was God?” and how you can bring it to your community by visiting www.wherewasgod.com.


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4 Responses to Where was God in that storm?

  1. bwdell says:

    Thanks for sharing about the film. Hope I can see it one day.

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