‘Censorious,’ not ‘discerning’

One of the best things about blogging: A leader in the “discernment” clique (someone who has for 10 years been trying in vain to make a reputation for himself by hating Rick Warren) leaves an anti-Rick comment — and I get to mark it as spam.

An insignificant gesture, I admit, but much more satisfying than one might think.

The 19th-century evangelist George Watson wrote a marvelous essay on what he called “censorious” Christians. A brief excerpt:

“Censoriousness is composed of self-conceit and severity; a self-conceit that we are superior to others, and are entitled to some sort of lordship over them; and then a severity of judging others by the outward letter of righteousness instead of by the Spirit. … How many thousands of times have we denounced, or severely judged others, not so much because they were displeasing to God, but because they were displeasing to us; not because they were in reality breaking the word of God, but because they were breaking our notions and offending our artificial taste. Oh, it is a miserable view of life, to turn ourselves into wooden yardsticks, and metallic scales, by which to weigh and measure our fellow Christians, and then to do this under the profession of holiness.”

Read the entire essay here.


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One Response to ‘Censorious,’ not ‘discerning’

  1. bwdell says:

    I agree with you completely.

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