I might have made a better Hebrew

nameThe Hebrews so revered the name of the Lord that they would not speak it, and they wrote it in such a way that no one could deduce how to pronounce it.

Yet today a popular song declares “We love to shout your name” and then uses a name that cannot be known as the Lord’s — and also likely misspells and mispronounces it.

I might have made a better Hebrew. I fear our generation has lost the enormity of God’s fearsome majesty, even in a song that proclaims “At Your name mountains shake and crumble, At Your name the oceans roar and tumble.”

I hope the enthusiastic familiarity of our worship does not insult the Almighty.

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Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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5 Responses to I might have made a better Hebrew

  1. bwdell says:

    I agree with your desire to honor and glorify the Lord. Isn’t it semantic though, if we say it is OK to say “Lord” or Adonai as the Hebrews did? How do I keep from thinking the name of God, and why is that not disrespectful?

    • kainos says:

      I’m not sure I understand. How can I think the name of God, if I don’t know how to pronounce it, or even for sure what it is?

      • bwdell says:

        Whether I think of LORD or Adonai or YHVH, they all represent the same thing to to me in my thoughts. I am thinking of the one true God. Is it disrespectful to think of him? We are told to exalt his name. That is what you are trying to do. I was just saying that if we can exalt his name in thought, why can’t we exalt his name in other ways?

      • kainos says:

        We can, certainly. My concern here partly derives from our treating “Yahweh” as if it is the name of God when it almost certainly isn’t. That is compounded by the Jewish tradition of not saying that particular name out loud. That’s one reason, I think, that so many other names were created.

      • bwdell says:

        I see what you are saying.

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