Three reasons to see ‘Lone Survivor’

lone survivorLone Survivor is not for the squeamish of either stomach or ear. I do not think the blood is gratuitous; it’s a war movie, for crying out loud. It presses toward realism and could have been even more graphic. Combat is horrific.

I’m not surprised by the number of f-bombs either … unfortunately. We have two species of f-bombers in this generation: those who think the f-word is powerful and deplete its power by overuse, and those who think the f-word is just how everyone talks. It’s a sad sign of the vulgarity of our times. While the graphic violence was necessary, cinematic wars need not be fought with f-bombs.

This film was an intense experience for me. I appreciate the discipline of men who endure extreme physical hardship just for the privilege of serving on elite combat teams. I admire the courage and determination of warriors who pursue the mission, knowing full well the odds are against their survival. I am angered by command decisions that withdraw resources and leave warriors more exposed than necessary. I despise the utterly clueless government and civil elites who think civilization can be preserved just by speaking softly and are steadily undermining the Big Stick needed to deal with brutal dictators and their thugs.

What distresses me most, however, is that honorable warriors like these are a vanishing species. Our country has turned its back on the moral values on which civilized society is founded. We have high-level leaders and influencers who think al-Qaeda and the Taliban are just the armies of Islam, rather than the storm troops of evil men bent on world domination. And we have unleashed a moral confusion among our warriors that will reduce their effectiveness — and could wind up turning them into the storm troops of evil men bent on world domination.

See Lone Survivor. Partly because it will remind you of the honor and necessity of our warrior culture. Partly as a form of protest against the direction of our culture and society. And partly because movies like this need to be extremely successful at the box office, so more of them will be made, and America can be turned back toward being a force for civilization in the world.


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