Pumpkin pie doesn’t satisfy

full mealIn our holiday church services, we do a disservice to nominal Christians if we only give them a sweet treat and neglect to serve up the meat of a full meal.

This Christmas, when you tell people about the “good news of great joy that shall be to all people,” don’t neglect the facts that God’s favor rests on those with whom he is pleased and that this child would grow up to be the undoing of many. (Luke 2:14,34)

By all means, show them sweet Baby Jesus lying in the manger, but don’t leave out the rest of the truth: If God favors some, others are disfavored; there is good news of great joy for everyone, but for some the good news will turn out to be bad news. There’s a reason for that. Explain it.

Some folks won’t come back after your holiday service because pumpkin pie doesn’t satisfy.


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