Suffering? Facing persecution? Take heart!

Are you suffering? Are you facing persecution because of your faith in Christ? Let these five truths from 1 Peter 5:7-12 encourage you:

— God cares deeply for you, so don’t hesitate to give all your worries and cares to him. (v.7)

— Can you fathom that these difficulties are part of God’s grace for you? They are. Stand firm in this grace. (v.12)

— This trial can distract you from pursuing the Kingdom. The devil’s diet includes distracted Christians. Stay alert. Stand firm. Be strong in your faith. (vv.8-9)

— You are not alone in your struggle. Your brothers and sisters all over the world are suffering too, some of them worse than you. Shift your focus to concern for them. (v.9)

— God is planning to share his eternal glory with you! Suffering does come first, but only for a little while. Afterward, you will be restored and strengthened, and then God will place you on a firm foundation. (v.10)

About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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2 Responses to Suffering? Facing persecution? Take heart!

  1. No matter how bad the suffering is that we are going through it will never compare to the glory that we receive when we meet Jesus in heaven. All of our pain will be worth it at the end!

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