It can’t be science. It contradicts my ideology

I can’t remember who said it: “It can’t be science. It contradicts my ideology.”

Was it Pope Gregory IX? or Jo Ann M. Gora?

World magazine reports:

Ball State backpedals on intelligent design
Students at Indiana’s Ball State University will no longer hear intelligent design perspectives in honors science classes after the school president blasted it as a “theory” overwhelmingly rejected by the scientific community. (Read the rest of the article by clicking here.)

In Scopes II, the roles are reversed.


Update: Macro-evolution and the problem of complexity

Summarized excerpt from
Darwin’s God: Bell’s Number, the Interactome,
and a Peek at a Monumental Problem for Evolution

Biological systems are so complex that, even if computing power doubles every 18 months or so, it will be another few millennia before we can analyze even a single synapse. And if the analysis of biological systems is impossible, the evolution of such systems also is impossible, or at least scientifically unlikely. It would be serendipity on steroids to say that evolution, with its limited experimental powers, designed and created a few basic components which then, as luck would have it, combined in such a way to produce far greater complexity and emergent behaviors.

Read the full article by clicking here.


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One Response to It can’t be science. It contradicts my ideology

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I wondered what happened to Mr. Hedin. I read about his “ordeal” at Ball State, then never saw anything else. I put him on my prayer list, however. The fear of man brings a snare and that is the trap that Ball State is falling into. Fearing the FFR group. Now, I “liked” the page you posted today so I’ll be able to follow news on this story perhaps and be more knowledgeable in praying about such situations. Resting on the promise that “Greater is He that is in you and he that is in the world.”

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