Two reasons I won’t see ‘The Lone Ranger’

ranger tontoJosh Wigler writes at

The Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer-starring action flick is experiencing a rough ride as it rolls into theaters. Some reviewers are charmed by Depp’s turn as Comanche warrior Tonto, while others are left cold, or worse.

Two reasons I won’t be going to see The Lone Ranger:

(1) Depp’s Tonto is a pathetic stereotype, far worse than the ’50s-era TV series because everyone should know better by now. Depp’s Jack Sparrow did better by pirates than his Tonto does for Native Americans. At least Jay Silverheels was Mohawk. (Humorless criticism, you say? Just having fun? Maybe next Depp will trade warpaint for blackface and do a minstrel comedy.)

(2) “The Lone Ranger” assumes a wrongheaded notion of justice. Tonto’s line — “Justice is what a man must take for himself” is a better definition of injustice and reflects an OWS entitlement mindset.

Emily Whitten at notes that, in spite of the movie’s rollicking fun, Christianity is presented as a religion of greed and ignorance, contrasted with Tonto as a noble “spirit warrior.” She predicts that “for those who value The Lone Ranger’s origins, the film’s cultural messages threaten to derail the fun.”

I was derailed by the trailer.


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One Response to Two reasons I won’t see ‘The Lone Ranger’

  1. Love Emily Whitten. appreciated your take on justice vs. injustice.

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