House built for death now a beacon of hope

death house

One BGR partner writes: A house built for death has now become a beacon of hope.  I visited an old woman today who has been left alone in a house built for the purpose of her living alone, separated, waiting to die.  I brought a hospice kit to her (provided by BGR).  This kit will bring this woman a short time of comfort that she has not enjoyed in a long time, if ever.  She shared that her husband had died and all her children were dead.  “So why have I been allowed to live, even though I am sick and have been moved here to die?”  After she received the bucket and message of love with it, she said, “Now I understand why I am alive.  God has kept me so I could hear this message of love.  I have never heard it before but I thank God for it.”

You can help with mercy ministries like this by clicking here.


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  1. Smiling at your heartfelt thoughtfulness. Bless you.

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