In favor of truly universal background checks

no, this wasn't taken in the USAEsteemed Lawmakers: Most of us do not oppose expanding background checks, but we don’t think it will make any real difference in solving problems that actually threaten our future.

Can you figure out how to make background checks truly universal? For example, how about stopping illegal street sales of unregistered weapons to criminals?

Failing that, perhaps you could instead shift your attention from meaningless political theater to crucial matters of life, liberty, and justice?


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2 Responses to In favor of truly universal background checks

  1. Oh for sure the version of the law being debated isn’t enough. But it’s better than we have now. Right now the typical “background check” is written on paper, stored in a box in a warehouse and never scanned into a computer. Most have never been looked at a second time, and couldn’t be found if there was a need to. States don’t share what little data they do have. It’s no wonder people who shouldn’t be able to get guns still do. They don’t have to go to a street vendor. They can just drive over to the state next to theirs, or buy from craigslist for cash..

  2. kainos says:

    Craigslist for cash. A second item for the list. Thanks! (A great example of why gun laws will never accomplish what is promised.)

    States digitizing and sharing records is a fine idea. Ignorant lawmakers, on the other hand, who think high-capacity magazines will disappear from the world because they eventually will all be used up … well, people like that have no business in office, much less proposing legislation that affects other people.

    It’s bizarre to me that some of the same people who used to mock “law and order” politics now seem to think law will work fine to establish proper order in society, as long as it’s their law and their order being established. They mock the failure of Prohibition and pronounce the War on Drugs a disaster (correctly, on both counts) yet somehow they have faith in the irrational proposition that enough gun laws will prevent the misuse of guns?

    No, they know better. Cynical politicians prostitute the memories of innocent victims to promote yet another raft of laws they know cannot solve the problem. And gullible people line up to donate to the campaign fund, as soon as they finish giving their credit card numbers to the nice young woman on TV hawking Dermawands.

    The problem is a symptom. No amount of government control can solve the root cause: broken souls in a disintegrating society. The liberty of law-abiding citizens is too high a price for social experimentation that can only end in failure and tyranny.

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