Our craving for entertainment

Crowd in blur at a rock concert. Crowd in long motion blurToday on DC2, thoughts from 2 Corinthians 11:2-15:

… Human nature demands innovation. While the drive to create has given us amazing inventions and astonishing progress, it also has produced some truly horrifying atrocities. The demand for innovation can degenerate into an insatiable appetite for the newest and latest, with no discernment about the value or cost of the “progress.” We can’t wait to get our hands on the most advanced gadget — or the perfect baby. We compulsively experiment with social and sexual arrangements that clearly cannot fulfill the image of God within us or advance his kingdom.

Even among the redeemed, our craving for entertainment spawns an industry that must constantly coin new buzzwords and produce new trends in doctrine. Because there truly is nothing new under the sun, naïve souls wind up being led away from the simple truths of God’s kingdom, only to recycle centuries old half-truths or heresies. We would do better to focus on the plain Gospel and our straightforward assignments as ambassadors of reconciliation — except that would require getting our hands dirty with a suffering world, when we prefer sitting in the worship venue and calling for a new tune from the band.

“Keep giving us something different. Don’t disappoint us. Celebrities who don’t stay relevant are yesterday’s news.”

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One Response to Our craving for entertainment

  1. I inserted “truth in love” into my blog’s tag and within the blog, and out of curiosity decided to see what others were writing. This was indeed, encouraging. I came upon about 8 blogs written in the last two months that had a smilar theme. I encourage you to keep thumping on this theme in this blog. I think I need to follow you!

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