A touch of hope for India’s expendables

20130319BB0471Today on Multiply Justice:

A former criminal patrols the streets of Bangalore, India, searching out the dying among the destitute and taking them to Home of Hope, where they experience the love of Jesus and live what days they have left with comfort and dignity.

When he rescued one young woman, she was being raped nearly every day. A man grieves how he was turned out onto the street by his own son. A hospital releases a woman who has no family. A police van brings an elderly woman, confused and found wandering the streets. A woman collapses along a street and lies there for five days before anyone calls for help.

As Raja drove the streets of Bangalore, “The Lord would turn my head left and right,” he says, and he saw the people lying along the side of the road. The sight haunted him. He began to ask questions of himself. “Didn’t the Lord say something about loving your neighbor? Aren’t these my neighbors? Didn’t the Lord say something about doing unto the least of these? Are there any ‘least-er’ than these?”

Read this compelling feature story, see the photo gallery, and watch the video by clicking here.


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