Newsong: Swallow the ocean … Could it be?

swallowGot my copy of Newsong’s new Swallow The Ocean CD today. Every album purchased includes a second CD to give away as a point of witness to God’s great love. Love that! Really reflects the heart of the Winterjam Tour.

I especially love the lyrics to “Could It be,” a track born out of an El Salvador mission project the group participated in:

I passed you every day out on the street
It was you there reaching out to me
Could the greatest really be the least of these?
I recognize your voice 
I’ve heard you calling me
Breaking down my hardened heart 
to help someone in need

You are called a friend of sinners
You repair the broken down
You defend all the defenseless
and the hurting you seek out
You are called the great physician
You took on all our pain
Wherever there is suffering still
You are never far away

Check out the CD on


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