Gov’t failures, Kingdom oportunities

Today on Multiply Justice:

The Great Physicians of Detroit

detroit cccIn the heart of a failing city, health care is a critical need — and a strategic opportunity for God’s people to show, in word and deed, the Father’s great love for his children. Covenant Community Care, the only faith-based, federally funded health center in Michigan, is doing just that in Detroit.

As gov’t fiscal crisis deepens, churches can step into the void

food basketsA new survey in England shows churches are playing a crucial role in helping people in need as that country’s fiscal crisis grows. Those congregations are setting an example for churches in America and elsewhere that when government spending outstrips its income, suffering increases — and churches must step into the void to minister God’s love. Congregations have a strategic opportunity to bring new life — and direction — to their society by simply obeying Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

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