Gospel Revolution: Turn the world upside down

Gospel RevolutionWe have too much religion and too little Gospel in our lives and churches. Many who call themselves Christian act as if Jesus heads up a caretaker government and their job is to be dutiful civil servants. The truth is, however, Jesus is a revolutionary, a freedom fighter launching strikes into the strongholds of the Dark Lord, a visionary subversive leading cell groups dedicated to overthrowing the unjust and oppressive status quo.

From our passivity and complacency, you’d never know we are front-line troops fighting — and winning — a battle for the hearts and minds of our neighbors and communities.

God is fomenting revolution. His is a subversive kingdom.

That’s why I’m glad to see J.D. Greear’s Gospel Revolution from LifeWay, an 8-session discipleship experience “that leads group members to understand how to let the Gospel work in their hearts the way religion never has or could.”

The objective of this study is to help believers experience the transformational power of abiding in Jesus, as opposed to the suffocating monotony of just grinding the gears of a mechanical religion. When we are overcome by the majesty of God and captivated by the love of Christ, we find a wellspring of passion and purpose rising within us. We see our world through new eyes and are launched into God’s mission of transforming lives and relationships. We discover the life-changing power of the gospel. We leap from believing the Gospel to becoming the Gospel.

When that happens, we will, like Paul and Silas, turn the world upside down.

J.D. also has a new book out: Stop asking Jesus into your heart.

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