Unusually busy day at Hobby Lobby

Wonder what’s up?  http://wp.me/p1XjZn-




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One Response to Unusually busy day at Hobby Lobby

  1. kainos says:

    A “wobbly” left me a comment on Facebook that “The shopping frenzy will subside, but the fines will continue.” I replied, “I’m sure someone told Dr. King the beatings would continue too.”

    Apparently, I offended s/he, who replied, “Comparing a for-profit business being required to cover birth control for its employees to the leader of an oppressed minority is ridiculous and insulting to Dr. King’s memory.”

    The rest of the brief interaction:

    Me: So your idea is that people shouldn’t protest what violates their conscience because the injustice will just continue?

    Wobbly: People who object to laws should lobby (pun intended) their congressional representatives to change the law instead of willfully breaking a law that has been affirmed by the SCOTUS. That is the legal and responsible way to affect change.

    Me: I don’t believe the SCOTUS ruling covered this aspect of the law. Quite a few lower courts seem to agree the provision is unconstitutional. The issue for these organizations is the Second Amendment and the right of conscientious objection on grounds of faith conviction. When it comes to a serious issue like that, civil disobedience is the proper response. Dr. King knew what lobbying would accomplish.

    Then Hobby Lobby’s Facebook-master deleted the thread. ;^)

    What’s your take?

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