Lessons from Moses on doing justice

You have a heart for justice, a burden for the poor and oppressed. You feel a stirring of God’s Spirit and want to do something to make a difference. Before you launch out, take a moment to learn something from Moses’ experience in doing justice.

Read Acts 7:21-35.

Moses, a child of Abraham, was raised in Egypt as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He learned everything Egypt had to offer and became mighty in man’s ways. Yet he remembered he was a son of Israel, not an Egyptian. When he went out among the people, he saw the oppression of his enslaved family and took decisive action for justice, to the point of killing an Egyptian to save an Israelite. He was arrogant enough to believe that he, one man, could deliver the people from the oppression of mighty Pharaoh. After all, Moses’ name meant “savior.”

Verse 25 says a mouthful: Moses assumed his brothers would realize God had sent him to rescue them, but they didn’t.

Consider these 10 lessons Moses’ experience can teach you about doing justice:

— It was only after Moses lived 40 years as a fugitive in Midian that God revealed himself to him through the burning bush and commissioned him as the rescuer of his people.

— You may receive a burden for the oppressed and a heart for justice before God is ready to use you.

— Moses wrongly assumed the fact he had a burden to help the people meant God had sent him to be their rescuer.

— Your approach and timing to accomplishing justice is not necessarily God’s approach and timing.

— Human indignation will not accomplish God’s justice. (James 1:20)

— The people you are called to rescue may not recognize you as their God-sent rescuer.

— You don’t have what it takes to break the chains of oppression yourself; only God can deliver.

— God may keep you in his school of justice for a long time before he has you ready to begin the mission.

— Being sent as God’s commissioned representative is far better than trying to liberate the captives on your own.

— Keep trusting God that he will accomplish his calling for you in his time.


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