Does life get any better‽

Not much makes me happier than word of a new Keith and Kristyn Getty album. I won’t get on my hobbyhorse about shallow, repetitive “worship” songs that deprive the worshipper and try the Deity’s patience. (Stop it!) I will say the Gettys’ hymns lead me into the deepest, most profound wholistic worship experiences. This album will bless you with their marvelous blend of Irish folk music styles and American bluegrass influences. Alison Kraus. Ricky Skaggs. Moya Brennan. Ross Holmes. And Charlie Peacock produced it, for cryin’ out loud! Does life get any better

Hymns for the Christian Life will be available Oct. 9. Buy multiple copies — one for yourself, and the others to show your friends how much you love them. (We don’t pirate music, do we?)

If you want to keep me off my “Matthew 6:7 is about more than prayer” hobbyhorse, give Keith and Kristyn some click-through love. Quick. I’m feeling the urge.

While you’re at it, do your part to boost their website traffic numbers by clicking here. They’ll reward you with wonderful song clips! You’ll also want to enjoy some of their youtube offerings. And Like their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter. And watch for them to update their blog.

There. I think that’s all their links. Why are you still here? Go. Go. Go.


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