Jesus opened their minds to understand

Then Jesus said to them, “You foolish people! You find it so hard to believe all the prophets wrote in the Scriptures. Wasn’t it clearly predicted that the Messiah would have to suffer all these things before entering his glory?” (Luke 24:25-26 NLT)

Traditional teachings too often speak more loudly than the plain meaning of Scripture. Many Judeans of Jesus’ day missed Messiah because they didn’t pay close enough attention to the Scripture itself. If they had, they would have seen that some passages were, on their face, at odds with the tradition that Messiah would be a political savior.

What passages of Scripture seem to be in tension with teachings in your church? (There’s always something.) Don’t assume the truth of what you hear. Don’t conform God’s Word to some teacher’s theological system. Take Proverbs 4:7b to heart: “With all thy getting, get understanding.” Be like the open-minded Bereans. They listened eagerly to Paul’s teaching, then searched the Scriptures daily to find out for themselves if what he said was true to the Word.

The Bible says that when Jesus appeared to the disciples in Jerusalem after the resurrection, he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45) He will do the same for you.


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