As you speak the truth in love to gays…

A word of counsel for my brothers and sisters who are reaching out to gay friends with compassion and acceptance: Don’t be naive about how those relationships will turn out.

Jesus was the epitome of love and compassion toward others, but many lost souls did not accept God’s grace through him. Some actually hated Jesus — especially the self-righteous ones who ultimately turned the mob against him with their lies. His path, as we all know, didn’t take him to widespread acceptance and universal acclaim.

Yes, we should always be compassionate and accepting with gays. Our friends have had enough self-righteous condemnation to last a lifetime. However, when you speak the truth in love about God’s plan for human sexuality, don’t be surprised if you are rejected as just another condemning Christian. Outside the church or in, what sin-loving people want most is approval of their sinfulness.

Loving acceptance will turn some toward Christ, and each one is a treasure worth whatever it costs you. But when Jesus began to say things people didn’t want to hear, many turned away. You should expect nothing less.

Whatever the response, don’t shy away from speaking the truth in love. It is sad enough for your friends to turn away from Jesus because he says things they don’t want to hear. It would be awful for you to wind up denying him before men in an effort to keep their approval.


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