Brilliant liberals, faux conservatives

Gene Veith at Cranach offers a post about the defeat of a bill to ban abortion for the purpose of sex-selection in the House of Representatives. Opponents of the bill objected that because gender-selection abortions are  common in Asia, lawmakers who favored the bill are racist against Asian-Americans.

In an opinion piece on the Washington Post website, columnist Dana Milbank offers a piece of brilliant thinking: “It’s not entirely clear there is a problem. Sex-selection abortion is a huge tragedy in parts of Asia, but to the extent it’s happening in this country, it’s mostly among Asian immigrants.”

How can sex-selection abortion be a “huge tragedy” in parts of Asia where traditional culture supports the practice of aborting or killing baby girls? And if it is a tragedy in Asia, why isn’t it just as tragic here? Because fewer sex-selection abortions are performed in the US? How many baby girls must be aborted because of their gender before it constitutes a tragedy?

Veith also notes that Republicans adopted a procedural move on the bill that required a two-thirds vote to pass it. That ought to settle, once and for all, the question of whether the GOP has any heart for the unborn. If a legislative caucus can’t oppose aborting babies because of gender, let’s drop any pretense that a “pro-life” plank in the GOP platform is anything but a meaningless sop to persuade evangelicals to vote Republican.


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One Response to Brilliant liberals, faux conservatives

  1. kainos says:

    I wonder if the “feminists” who advocate “sexual freedom” through abortion sense any irony in abortion being used to control the birth of more females.

    Margaret Sanger would be pleased that a woman foolish enough to kill her baby is foolish enough to especially target a female child. It has an exponential impact for the cause of eugenics. In the perverse thinking of eugenics, what greater victory over the “unfit” could there be than preventing the birth of more unfit females?

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