Insist on believing some things are simply impossible …

‎When we accept as truth only what we believe is possible, we limit ourselves to a world devoid of wonder, a world in which spiritual Neanderthals hunt small game with sharpened sticks and grub about the forest for berries and insects because, after all, they cannot imagine anything else. Insist on believing some things are simply impossible, and why would God give you the miraculous?

Consider the creation account or the flood narrative, which some discount as merely Hebrew responses to the myths of neighboring peoples. It would seem to me that the original audience of those stories took them to be talking about something that actually happened, not mythos. I very seriously doubt the originator of the flood story was thinking, “Wow, we need a Hebrew version of that Gilgamesh thing.”

It’s easy for us today to pontificate about “myth,” but once we put ourselves in the position of evaluating the “scripturiness” of Scripture, we have made the standard of scriptural authority subjective. We no longer have a basis for saying which passage is authoritative and which isn’t, except that a passage “speaks to me.”

And you wind up with the Jesus Seminar, instead of the Manhattan Declaration.


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