Wade Burleson: Multi-culturalism will lead to the end of America

Oklahoma pastor Wade Burleson has an interesting post about the disastrous end multiculturalism is hurtling America into, with an interesting historical reference to 19th-century US policy toward Native Americans.

While his analysis of the country’s Native American policy is about what one would expect of an Anglo, it is an excellent point of entry into the discussion about multiculturalism and the harm it ultimately will cause America.

A few quotes:

To be anti-multicultural does not necessarily mean you are an intolerant person. It just means that you believe one culture for Americans is better multiple cultures. You believe English is a better language for all Americans and should be learned by all United States citizens. You believe the Judeo-Christian laws of America are superior to Sharia (Muslim) laws and should be adhered to by everyone granted American citizenship. You believe that the principles of justice established by the courts of America, principles based on Judeo-Christian values, are superior to Islamic courts. Our culture in America is based on belief in the Judeo-Christian biblical God (“In God we trust”), individual freedoms (the amendments to the Consitution), and respect for the dignity of every man (“all men are created equal”). Though Americans believe in an equality among persons, there is not an equality among cultures. A culture based on Judeo-Christian principles is superior to one based on Islamic principles.

I have little sympathy is for the argument that immigrants to America should be allowed to impose their cultural beliefs and ethics on Americans. Multi-culturalism in America will destroy our country. Our country of America was founded on Judeo-Christian laws and the belief that Western civilization was superior the cultures of Native Americans. It makes no sense to allow immigrant cultures, including Islamic culture based on Sharia law, to be established in America. That kind of thinking might sound extreme, and ironically, political liberals scream at such a notion.

… Civilized countries today must insist that Muslims fully adopt the culture of the country in which they live. This would require acknowledging that Shariah law is subordinate to the laws of the land. There can be no demands that extreme Muslim religious practices be accommodated by Americans. Muslims cannot pray in the streets and block traffic. Muslim women cannot wear hijabs (the female headdress) in public to hide their facial identity. Muslims who fund terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah should be exiled and/or imprisoned. Any Muslim in America who declares jihad against Muslim infidels should be immediately imprisoned. There can be no honor killings, no arranged marriages, no mutilation of female genitalia, no sex nine year old girls, and no gang rapes of white infidel women.

That is to say, radical Muslims must become civilized. Muslims must live according to the standards of Judeo-Christian American civilization or have no part in America. Fethullah Gulen ought to be exiled from the United States immediately. We better wake up, quick. The critical problem we face in our country is not ecomic, but the steady adoption of multi-culturalism from our leaders (like President Obama) that will one day rip apart our country.

Read the full article here

My own take is that multiculturalism is a dead-end philosophy, born in existentialism, that will drive us into anarchy, then tyranny. You can read about that in my little web book, Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt.


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