When typos matter … a lot

Nobody cares so much about correct spelling these days. If th othr gi cn figur it owt, thats gud enuf, rite? (Ceiling Cat, help us!)

But sometimes typos matter. Sometimes they matter a lot.

For example, a lightning strike in the neighborhood night before last sent a surge through the Comcast cable and took out our modem and wireless router. The nice people from Comcast replaced the modem because we were renting from them, but I was on my own with the router.

So off to Office Depot. Back with a D-Link DIR-815 dual band router. The install CD is worthless to me because it doesn’t run on Mac or Linux, so we’re following the instructions for manual setup.

Got the cables connected properly and I’ve got hard-wired Internet access, so we go to the router setup site listed in the documentation. It says to enter the user name Admin and leave the password blank.

Problem: The site says the user name or password is incorrect. Repeated tries. Same result.

So I call the technical support number and wade through the automated menus, until Bob answers the phone. Bob is a very nice fellow whose accent makes me suspicious “Bob” isn’t his real name.

He walks me painstakingly through the “plug in the cables” steps I have already navigated successfully, then tells me to go to the site I’ve already been to and enter the user name “Admin.”

He seems surprised when it doesn’t work. It’s not as if I hadn’t already told him I had entered it multiple times with the same result.

Moment of silence while he meditates. Then he says, “Enter the user name in all lowercase.”


It works. There’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. That’s a half episode of NCIS!

Please, if you write and edit copy, especially D-Link documentation, you can misspell all sorts of words and it won’t matter so much. But you need to get the user name right.

It matters. A lot.


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