New Ground Zero mosque opponents: 3 NY Dems, key Muslim

From the Weekly Standard:

Democratic New York Congressmen Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

Mike McMahon (NY – 13): I believe a new location is the right compromise so that Muslim Americans can worship without eliciting feelings that push us away from our Country’s basic tenet of religious acceptance while the families of 9/11 victims obtain the peace of mind they deserve.

Steve Israel (NY – 2): While they have a constitutional right to build the mosque, it would be better if they had demonstrated more sensitivity to the families of 9/11 victims. I urge them to do so before proceeding further.

Tim Bishop (NY – 1): As a New Yorker, I believe Ground Zero is sacred ground and should unite us. If the group seeking to build the mosque is sincere in its efforts to bring people together, I would urge them to seek an alternative location which is less divisive. I dispute the wisdom of building at that location, not the constitutional right.

The Beginning of the End of the Ground Zero Mosque

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, director of Al-Arabiya TV:

“I cannot imagine that Muslims want a mosque on this particular site, because it will be turned into an arena for promoters of hatred, and a symbol of those who committed the crime. At the same time, there are no practicing Muslims in the district who need a place of worship, because it is indeed a commercial district….The last thing Muslims want today is to build just a religious center out of defiance to the others, or a symbolic mosque that people visit as a museum next to a cemetery….[T]he battle against the 11 September terrorists is a Muslim battle…and this battle still is ablaze in more than 20 Muslim countries. Some Muslims will consider that building a mosque on this site immortalizes and commemorates what was done by the terrorists who committed their crime in the name of Islam. I do not think that the majority of Muslims want to build a symbol or a worship place that tomorrow might become a place about which the terrorists and their Muslim followers boast, and which will become a shrine for Islam haters whose aim is to turn the public opinion against Islam.”

New voice: Egyptian scholar and reformer Tawfik Hamid:

AP — [Hamid] said it was not enough for Park51 leaders to call themselves moderate. Instead, they should “clearly and unambiguously” reject radicalization by opposing specific extremist practices, such as killing apostates, stoning women for adultery, calling Jews “pigs and monkeys” and “declaring war” on non-Muslims who refuse to convert.


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