On being a ‘true Catholic’

Someone should point out to young Mr. Madera that Patrick Kennedy believing he’s a true Catholic doesn’t make him one, any more than I could be a true Marine just by I believing I am.

Kennedy dispute reveals divide among Catholics

Nov 23, 6:41 AM (ET)

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – A bitter dispute over abortion that prompted Rhode Island’s Roman Catholic bishop to ask Rep. Patrick Kennedy not to receive Holy Communion has revealed the depth of the divide among Catholics over how politicians should reconcile their faith with their public duties.

Bishop Thomas Tobin on Sunday said he made the request because of the Democratic lawmaker’s support for abortion rights. The news prompted debate among Catholics around the country and within the bishop’s flock in the nation’s most Catholic state about whether it was right for Tobin to publicly shame Kennedy for breaking with the church on what its leaders consider a paramount moral issue.

Angel Madera, 20, a Marine visiting his home in Providence for Thanksgiving, said before attending Sunday evening Mass that Tobin was wrong to assail Kennedy’s faith. “If they believe they’re a true Catholic, who’s to say that they’re not?” he said.

Read the entire article at http://apnews.myway.com/article/20091123/D9C579QO0.html


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