HIV infection ‘not a major event’?

The infection of a woman with HIV is “not a major event,” according to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which certifies :actors” in the multibillion-dollar U.S. porn industry as disease free, allowing them to work.

A woman tested positive for HIV immediately after making an adult film, according to the Associated Press. The “co-stars” of the woman have been quarantined from “acting,” although they have so far have tested negative.

Two things are striking about this story.

First, it says California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health “is attempting to identify the filmmaker.” In what sort of legitimate industry would the identity of an employer not already be known?

The article says Los Angeles County health officials confirm there have been 22 HIV cases in San Fernando Valley porn industry performers since 2004. Reuters reports that 16 of those cases were never publicized and that in the same time period 1,357 porn performers tested positive for gonorrhea and 15 for syphilis. The AP quotes an official of one of the industry’s largest “filmmakers” acknowledging their sets are “condom optional.” It’s just more proof, if we needed any, that people can rationalize anything when they want something bad enough — and that we pay in our flesh the price of refusing to honor God with our lives (Romans 1).

But, second, and far more important, how callous does a soul have to be to call this woman’s infection with HIV “not a major event”? In a vice industry where billions of dollars are made exploiting the weaknesses of human nature, I guess the health of one woman is nothing. LA is full of beautiful young women desperate for their “big break.” A little surgery and anyone can be a porn star.

Being infected with HIV isn’t like catching a cold. It’s a traumatic, life-altering development. I’m very sure the young woman involved sees this as a very major event.

I just hope there is someone in her life who can help her understand how much God loves her and what an awful price has been paid so she can experience that love for herself.


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