‘Do Hard Things’

Teen’s vision brings clean water to Darfur village

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Click to view high-res image and caption

Joshua Guthrie was a troubled teen. Like many others of his generation, the 16-year-old high school sophomore was troubled by the needless suffering of so many people in so many places. Hunger and poverty. War-time atrocities and sex trafficking. AIDS orphans and genocides.

Then Joshua read Do Hard Things, a best-selling book by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris, at 20 years old only barely out of their teens themselves. The book challenges young people to rebel against “the myth of adolescence” – the notion that teens are by nature irresponsible, immature, and rebellious. “By breaking the mold of what society thinks we are capable of, teens can achieve so much more than what’s expected,” the brothers say. “We’ve seen ‘average’ teenagers transformed from channel changers to world changers who are accomplishing incredible things.”

The book rocked Joshua’s world.

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