More Veggies for your enjoyment

 I can’t wait!

Almost two weeks ‘til the next VeggieTales is available!

Abe and the Amazing Promise

Abe and the Amazing Promise

“Abe and the Amazing Promise” is the Veggies version of the classic Bible story about Abraham and Sarah and their long wait for a long-promised son.

OK, so I don’t have to wait. I got to see a screener version. And it’s a hoot! You’ve got the obligatory running gag with a nurse who’s concerned about “patients.” The little guys will love the part about camel spit. Sarah’s voice will be familiar to multitudes of in-love and lovelorn radio listeners. And wait ‘til you catch what songs the little peas are singing in Ur!

You’ve got a fun Silly Song and the second feature is about an inventor who’s in a terrible hurry: “You don’t need to get it right unless it’s right right now.”

The DVD releases Feb. 7, which by the most amazing coincidence is the same date the Gospel Music Channel TV network debuts the story … six times, beginning at 9 am Eastern.


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