Disbelief ain’t no big thang

Not believing what someone else believes is no accomplishment. Not believing what you used to believe may be a big deal for you, but the world isn’t going to grind to a halt, much less run to conform itself to your change of mind.

Have you decided you don’t believe anymore? That’s a shame. But the one who would care the most is the one you insist isn’t real. The rest of the world is going to continue to follow its convictions. And for your life to become engrossed with trying to disabuse others of their beliefs is not only disrespectful of their faith choices, it’s also arrogant to think that your insight is so much clearer.

It’s also a tragic waste of your own life.

Our time is short. According to your new nonbeliefs, death is going to be the end of you. Why waste your life trying to wrest the beliefs of others from them when all you have to offer them is not believing what they used to believe? Invest your lifeforce and passion in articulating a positive worldview that answers the questions people are asking, the issues that give meaning and purpose to life.

And if your new worldview, perchance, holds that there is no meaning or purpose to life, you’ll not only have a hard time persuading others to agree, you may have a hard time living with it yourself.

Just a guess.


About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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