Two notes about becoming a disbeliever

A brief interaction with two “former Christians” reminds me how many people who grew up in church really have no clue what a faith relationship with Jesus is all about. I’ve posted these notes on my Facebook page. Thought I’d add them here as well.

You can’t walk away from Jesus

You can quit “believing in God.” You can quit “being a Christian.” That’s not so hard. It’s just religion. But “believing in God” and “being a Christian” aren’t the same thing as being reborn in a faith relationship with Jesus. You can’t walk away from Jesus if you were never walking with him in the first place. And if you are walking with him, no skeptic’s disbelief can shake your faith, built as it is on love for and gratitude toward the one who died to set you free.

Nothing more than a concept or legend

When God is nothing more to you than a concept, when Jesus is merely a legend, becoming a disbeliever is no more difficult than giving up your childhood belief in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. But when you have personally encountered the reality of the Living God, when the Risen Lord has transformed your heart and mind, when you have experienced the comfort and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you can no more quit “believing” in their existence than you can question the reality of your family and closest friends.


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2 Responses to Two notes about becoming a disbeliever

  1. reyjacobs says:

    Define how you “personally encountered the reality of the Living God.” What does this mean? God talks to you? You saw him on the road to Damascus? You got caught up into the 3rd Heaven and heard things unlawful for men to utter? WHAT? Seems to me you are just blowing smoke in the air as a pretentious prick because you know that you’re more of an unbeliever than any of your lapsed friends ever will be. To you God is nothing but a justification for sin. You don’t believe in God, but only pretend to in order to give your licentiousness a basis in faith-onlyism and OSAS, and so you can convince people that although you are the scum of the earth, you’re better than them because you fancy yourself as one of the ‘elect’ of a God you don’t really even believe in.

    • Admin says:

      “Faith-onlyism and OSAS”? “Pretentious prick”? So glad you dropped by to enlighten me! I usually delete pathetic flames, but I’ll leave this one to illustrate the truth of 1 Corinthians 2:14. If you have something to offer other than arrogance and bile, please feel free to come back and leave an intelligent comment. Leave another pile like the pretentious nonsense above, and it will be deleted.

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