Dear Mr. Obama:

Please, don’t ever underestimate the value of an unborn child’s life. And when the Almighty has seen fit to sustain life against all the odds and the best efforts of an abortionist, please don’t encourage mere humans to overrule the divine choice.

If this doesn’t persuade you about the resilience of the human spirit and the sanctity of even the least viable “fetus,” I don’t know what could.

Baby pronounced dead lives after hours in cooler
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A stillborn Israeli baby who was pronounced dead by doctors “came back to life” on Monday after spending hours in a hospital refrigerator.
The baby, weighing only 600 grams at birth, spent at least five hours inside one of the hospital’s refrigerated storage units, before her parents, who had taken her to be buried, began noticing some movement.
“We unwrapped her and felt she was moving. We didn’t believe it at first. Then she began holding my mother’s hand, and then we saw her open her mouth,” said 26-year-old Faiza Magdoub, the baby’s mother.
The baby was pronounced dead several hours earlier, after doctors at Western Galilee hospital in northern Israel were forced to abort her mother’s pregnancy because of internal bleeding. Magdoub was 23 weeks into her pregnancy.
“We don’t know how to explain this, so when we don’t know how to explain things in the medical world we call it a miracle, and this is probably what happened,” hospital deputy director Moshe Daniel said.
The baby was then taken to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit for further treatment, but doctors were not sure how long she will live.
Motti Ravid, a professor of internal medicine, told Israel’s Channel 10 that the low temperature inside the cooler had slowed down the baby’s metabolism and likely helped her survive.


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One Response to Dear Mr. Obama:

  1. fangfarris says:

    Wow, that story is nothing short of amazing! Obviously, God has plans for that child. Not arguing here: I think that abortion and killing a baby after the abortion that was “unsuccessful” is wrong beyond explanation.

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