Joel Augé rocks! … well, a little anyway

I’m not a big fan of most “worship” music. I need music to do more than mellow me out. At my age, there’s a real danger I’ll doze off.

So I was pretty skeptical when I opened the mail today and pulled out a copy of Joel Auge’s new CD, “On the Blue.” Nothing against Joel … or any other believer who’s producing peaceful worship tunes. They lead multitudes into authentic worship. That’s great. There was a time when John Michael Talbot really ministered to me. It just doesn’t do it for me these days.

But I’m clicking through the tracks on Joel’s new disc and out jumps “Even the Rocks.” Hey! Something for me! It’s a great song about how, if creation cries out in praise of the Creator’s majesty, then the least we can do is join in as well: “If even the rocks will sing, and all of creation springs for you, then what can I do but worship you?” It evokes one of my favorite verses: “Jesus answered, “I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones themselves will start shouting.” (Luke 18:40 TEV) I’ve been focused a lot lately on humbling myself in the presence of our majestic Creator. I’m afraid we take far too lightly the fact that we live each moment in the Almighty’s presence. I really resonated with this track! This one, anyway.

You can listen to “Even the Rocks” and other tracks from the album at You’ll probably love the other songs, but this is the one that made it onto my MP3 player.

I’m sorry if I sound half-hearted, but that’s just the way I feel about most of tame, syrupy, repetitive, empty pop tunes the “Christian” music industry is serving up. Now if someone will point me toward musicians who really know how to rock the believers on every track … maybe even a Skynyrd-style Southern Rock honky-tonkin’ Jesus lover … I’d be one enthusiastic music blogger!


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One Response to Joel Augé rocks! … well, a little anyway

  1. elisa8 says:

    I hear your east Arkansas heart brother! The only person I can point you to is Bill Mallonee, although he’s not exactly Skynyrd. I blogged about him on “Rainbow Dull” awhile back. We love most of the folks in the Square Peg Alliance for their singer songwriting talents. And oh yeah, what about Buddy and Julie Miller? Good luck in your search!

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