Myanmar: ‘a humanitarian catastrophe’

“A natural disaster is turning into a humanitarian catastrophe of genuinely epic proportions in significant part because of the malign neglect of the regime. I would be amazed if there hadn’t been about 100,000 who had died already … what’s more, hundreds of thousands more are at risk.” – British Foreign Secretary David Miliband

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In this picture made available 09 May 2008,people made homeless by cyclone Nargis shelter from the rain in Bogalay township area one of the hardest hit regions in Myanmar 03 May 2008. According to the Myanmar military juntas latest figures, the Nargis cyclone which hit the country claimed 22,997 lives, left 42,119 missing and 1,403 injured as other sources claim the real death toll is closer to 100,000.  EPA/STR


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