‘Expelled’ a must-see


One of the choice ironies of American pop culture is that some of the loudest critics of religious dogma are themselves ferociously dogmatic.

Ben Stein has done the world a great favor with his new movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which exposes the Inquisition being conducted on American university campuses against heretics who dare question the doctrine of Darwinian infallibility. Snotty intellectuals sniff with disdain at us rubes in fly-over country who cling to religion and guns because we can’t comprehend complicated socio-scientific realities. The truth is, they are the ones who are allowing a religious dogma – atheistic materialism – to blind them to the scientific evidence that reality is too complex and too finely tuned to be the result of an accident.

Expelled opens this evening, though it won’t be in a theater near you if the Crusaders have their way. But do whatever it takes to find a theater where it is showing. And take a professor with you.

Listen to Ben Stein talk about the movie.

Find a theater showing “Expelled.”

Read what William Dembski thinks about “Expelled.”

Lee Strobel explains why “Expelled” is a big deal.


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