For God and country

Not long back, I had the privilege of interviewing two military chaplains in South Korea for a cover feature in On Mission magazine.I was struck that, for these chaplains, the moments of each day were infused with a conviction that nothing happens randomly. Seizing the moments of opportunity God gives them is a matter of real urgency. That means staying alert and being available to the people the Lord brings across their paths during the course of each day.

“Satan is the ultimate insurgent. The Bible says he’s always looking for victims,” Major Ken Williams told me. “I have to always be on a heightened state of alert, recognizing that everyone in my path is someone in need, being vigilant for the opportunities God gives me to meet their needs and draw them to Christ.

“In the military, there’s a saying, ‘Move with a purpose,’” he said. “It means if you don’t train properly and act with intentionality, people will die. As a chaplain, I have my fellow soldiers’ lives in my hands spiritually. If I’m not prepared to take advantage of the opportunities God gives me to share the good news with them, to do what I can to fend off the enemy, people will die without Jesus.”

That’s a good word for all of us.

Read the full feature here.

On Mission cover


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